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How to Sell Vintage Clothes Online


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There is a huge market for vintage clothing, as many people are nostalgic for years gone by and admire these different fashions throughout the ages. Even modern styles take inspiration from these classic looks, which is why it’s always smart to have at least one or two vintage items in your closet. With there being such a demand for quality vintage clothing, selling these items via an online store can grow into a successful enterprise for budding entrepreneurs with a passion for vintage fashion and who are interested in starting a home business. If this description sounds like you, here are some tips on how you can start selling vintage clothes online successfully.

Consider Your Brand

You might not be designing these clothes yourself, but every business needs a brand. Consider how you’re going to develop yours as an online vintage fashion seller and make sure that it stands out. Do some research and look at other businesses that are similar to yours. What works about their branding? What doesn’t work about it? How can you make yours different yet relevant to what your business does? These are all good questions to ask yourself while you are thinking of designs for your logo. You might also want to hire a professional graphic designer to help you put your logo together for a clean, smart finish.

Designing a website

Once you have decided on your business branding, you can start setting up your website. To keep your expenses at a lower cost, use an online website builder to do this. These can either be free to use or come with affordable yearly payments if you want to have more features included in your package, which is recommended for business purposes. You can use these templates to design your business website and advertise the clothes you want to sell. Make sure that your website is easy to use and that all of the links to the pages are working correctly. You must double-check all content before putting it on your website to make sure that it is appropriate and there are no grammatical errors otherwise this can look unprofessional. Also, check that your website is compatible with smartphones, tablets, and laptops/desktops so that people can use it on various devices with ease.


When you are selling products online, you need to factor in shipping costs, which need to be listed clearly on your website. This will depend a lot on the weight of the items that you’re sending and the way that you’re sending them, for example, recorded delivery, next-day delivery, standard mail, etc. If you are shipping items internationally, these fees are likely to be higher, so let the customer know they can expect to pay more to cover these shipping costs. You can also use comparison websites to find competitive rates for international shipping to help you save money, and this is a great way to send items abroad.

If you are interested in starting a small business selling vintage fashion online, use these basic tips to help you with the first steps. You never know, you might end up opening a chain of stores one day!


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