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Top 8 Tips for Boosting Your Conversion Rate

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As of 2021, an estimated 71 percent of small businesses have a website. But building and maintaining a website still remains a challenge. That’s because of the high expectations customers have for enterprise business websites. 

While there are up to 24 million eCommerce sites, less than 1 million of these sites make more than $1,000 per year. So, what can you do to boost your conversion rate? If you’re asking this question, you’ve come to the right place.

In today’s guide, we share eight simple tips on how to improve the conversion rate on your website. Read on to learn more.

Make It Easy for Customers to Find What They’re Seeking

When users visit your business site, they take less than three seconds before exiting the site unless they find what they’re looking for. That means you have about two and a half seconds to make it clear what your brand is, what you offer, and how users can find you.

Make your CTAs as clear as possible too. Users want to know how they can move to the next step.

Take the Time to Know Your Competitors

If you haven’t searched your competitors on Google, now’s the time to do so. Go to their website and find out whether their websites look better than yours. Remember that consumers follow the same process when they want to decide whom to do business with. 

Ask yourself whether your site looks best. If you were a customer, would you choose you? What can you do to get your business site looking better?

Opt for a Smooth and Simple Design

Another tip on how to increase the conversion rate in sales is to work on your website design. When it comes to web design, always remember that less is more. 

Customers don’t want to be flooded with content the moment they click on your web page. If that’s the first experience they get the moment they arrive on your site, they’ll be tempted to exit the page right away. If possible, summarize your content in a few quick sentences. 

Don’t forget to add a wow line, which is the line that makes your brand different from the rest. Customers want to know why they should go into business with you. Be sure to show them as quickly as possible.

Tighten your content up, and avoid getting too wordy. The more words you include, the more users will want to hit the back button, affecting your sales metrics in a negative way. 

Build Trust

Another surefire conversion rate optimization technique is to build user trust. If customers don’t trust you, they’ll be less likely to purchase from you. 

So, how do you boost trust? One way is by becoming highly visible on search engines. Both local SEO and organic SEO can help you achieve that.

You can also enhance trust by displaying your trust badges on your site. Next, highlight your awards, if you have any, and include customer reviews on your eCommerce website. 

Make Your Site Easy to Navigate

When a user lands on your site, they need to understand how to go to where they want to go. That calls for a clear conversion funnel process. Without such a process, you’ll lose them.

Make your site as smooth and easy to navigate as possible. Try to divide all categories clearly. Make every navigation element a clickable link, and ensure that every search feature works.

Make Use of Multi-Channel Retargeting

The vast majority of your traffic will not convert upon the first visit to your website. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re getting bad traffic. It means that most users are simply searching for an item and aren’t ready to convert at the moment. 

One way to boost the chances of this traffic converting is by retargeting them across more than one channel. For instance, you can retarget the people on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Google. 

Test Your Website on Mobile

Your website may look great on desktop, but you still need to ensure that it’s mobile responsive. That’s because almost 57 percent of all web traffic now comes through mobile. If you aren’t taking advantage of this traffic, you’re missing a lot of this lucrative business opportunity.

Regularly test your site on mobile to ensure it loads well. Ensure that your CTA is clearly visible and at the top of your home page. When a user loads your website homepage, they shouldn’t have to scroll all the way down to get that information.

Make Your Ad Copy as Strong as Possible

Having a lot of traffic to your site that never converts is of little use. What you want is to make sure that visitors to your site are people that should really be visiting your site in the first place. That means making an ad copy that’s highly targeted and which provides what you want. 

If you keep putting things on your website or social media that aren’t relevant to your conversion rate, you’re simply hurting your conversion rates. How important is social media? Well, almost 4 Billion consumers are already on social media worldwide. Thanks to our friends at BroadBandSearch for this stat.

Boosting Your Conversion Rate Shouldn’t Be an Impossible Affair

The primary purpose of opening a website is to enhance your sales. That’s why you need to work on your conversion rate from the very beginning. Hopefully, the tips we’ve shared in this post can help you start seeing better conversions on your website.

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