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Who is Tom Cormier (aka Ecom Tom)? [Is The Dropshipping University course worth it?]

Ecom Tom

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In this influencer profile, we’ll highlight a prominent coursemaker in the world of ecommerce and dropshipping – Tom Cormier (AKA Ecom Tom).

After reading this profile, you’ll have a better idea of who Tom is, you’ll get the gist of his content and teaching methods, and (if you’re on the fence) you’ll be able to make a decision about whether or not to take one of his courses. 

Sound good? Here we go.

Who is Tom Cormier?…I mean…Who is Ecom Tom?

Tom Cormier (known as Ecom Tom on social media) is an e-commerce influencer, Instagram personality, YouTuber, and service provider who creates courses that teach new and experienced entrepreneurs alike how to start or scale an online business.  

His primary areas of expertise are in e-commerce, Shopify, Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Amazon, dropshipping, and other digital marketing related topics.

He has over 90k followers on Instagram and 34k subscribers to his YouTube channel – both of which are pretty impressive feats. 

I can say that I personally have enjoyed following some of his work. His posts get right to the point and often introduce me to new systems, suppliers, and thought processes that I hadn’t considered before. 

Still, you might be wondering if his content would be specifically helpful for your business. So, in the section below, I will give you a little sampling of his popular posts from Instagram and videos from YouTube. 

Perhaps most importantly, Tom has a website where he offers courses on a variety of dropshipping business models. 

As you probably know, many other influencers offer similar courses. So, what’s special about Tom’s? Ase they worth the price tag?

Keep reading to find out. 

Tom Cormier’s Business and Content

The best way to get your feet wet in following Ecom Tom is to check out his Instagram account and YouTube channel, both of which are of course free. We’ll explore some of his most popular posts and videos, and then dive into his courses.

Review – Ecom Tom’s Instagram 

Tom’s primary posting topic is dropshipping

In case you don’t know, dropshipping is a mega-popular e-commerce business model. With the dropshipping model, the entrepreneur does not need to buy and store inventory themselves. Instead, when a customer places an order on their site, they communicate that order to their dropshipping supplier, who delivers the product directly to the customer.

What I like about Tom’s instagram is that he often gives actionable tips in his posts. He uses multi-photo posts to display educational content right on screen, and he addresses top questions and problems in the dropshipping space. 

For example, this post from October shows a tutorial on how to find dropshipping suppliers:

Additionally, his posts are a good mix of videos and text. He oftentimes will break down real world examples from his own Shopify store. For instance, this post breaks down how much he profited off the sale of a $4k product. 

I enjoy this type of thing because it shows that Tom is walking the walk, and not just talking the talk.

Review – Ecom Tom’s YouTube Channel

Tom’s YouTube channel has over 34k subscribers. On this platform, he makes longer form content that gets down into the weeds a bit more. He will still use examples from his own stores and experiences selling online. 

Here are his top 3 most popular videos:

As you can see, he teaches dropshipping on a variety of platforms, including Amazon, Facebook Marketplace, Shopify, and eBay.

Next, let’s take a look at Tom’s online course platform – The Dropshipping University.

Is Ecom Tom’s Dropshipping University course worth it?

The Dropshipping University is Tom Cormier’s platform for teaching his students about dropshipping. From what I can tell, it actually includes at least 2 separate courses: one for eBay Dropshipping and one for Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping.

According to the stats on the site, over 2400 people have enrolled. That’s fairly impressive, and Tom boasts that he has personally done over $1.4M in sales with dropshipping. 

What I don’t see, however, is any calculation of revenue produced by his students. I would love to see that type of info, but it just isn’t offered on the landing page. That being said, there are several client testimonial videos and anecdotal screenshots of client success. So, that’s definitely better than nothing – but this isn’t the most convincing social proof I’ve ever seen. 

From reviewing the course material, it does seem like there is a lot of great content and bonuses here. Here’s an overview.

Facebook Marketplace Mastery Course Topics

  • Dropshipping business model overview
  • Facebook Account setup
  • Unlocking the ability to ship products on Facebook Marketplace
  • Supplier research and top 15 verified supplier list
  • Creating a high-performing facebook listing
  • Order fulfillment
  • Scaling and optimizing your marketplace account

eBay Retail Dropshipping Course Topics

  • Dropshipping business model overview
  • eBay Account setup
  • Supplier research and top 10 verified supplier list, and sourcing template
  • Customer service scripts
  • Profit and Accounting templates
  • eBay software discounts
  • Sales Tax management
  • Scaling and optimizing your ebay store

So, is The Dropshipping University worth it? 

In my view, it all depends on your unique situation. If you are committed to focusing all of your energy on absorbing the course content and implementing every step that Tom recommends, then it may very well work out for you. And it isn’t as expensive as a lot of other options in the market. 

If you’ve taken dropshipping courses before in these areas, and haven’t seen success, then I would stay away. This course doesn’t offer the over-the-shoulder help or services that others can provide you with. 

Dropshipping University Price

At the time of this writing, the Facebook Marketplace Master course costs $547, while the eBay Retail Dropshipping course costs $447. Both have a $200 discount code available on the site’s landing page.

Should I Follow or Work With Ecom Tom?

In conclusion, if you’re getting into e-commerce, dropshipping, or especially Shopify, you might want to give Tom Cormier (Ecom Tom) a follow. 

My advice? Check out his Instagram and YouTube accounts, see if his content resonates with you, and then take a look at his courses if you are thinking about launching a dropshipping store.

Hopefully this influencer profile was helpful and spurred you to action. Let us know in the comments!

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