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Every modern business owner knows that they should be using social media sites, like Facebook and Instagram, to stay connected to their current and prospective customers. 

However, most business owners fail to continue using social media beyond creating pages, adding a few lovely photos, and writing an initial post about their company or products. 

Far too often, people find their business pages don’t get all that much attention from their followers, or that they simply feel as if they’re wasting their time and money when they could be doing more important things. 

Unfortunately, this is a widespread situation for business owners, especially those whose businesses are just being launched. 

However, the bright side is that there are a few simple tips and tricks you can use to make your social media efforts that much more effective. 

Let’s take a look! 

Community Is Key

It’s easy to think that you’re making your social media pages to promote your business. After all, your end goal is to find more people who want to learn about your company and purchase your products or services. 

However, rather than trying to sell yourself, you should focus on building a community around your products. Social media is where people like to spend their time-consuming content and engage in conversations with their peers. 

Therefore, if you want to have a more positive impact from your efforts, try starting conversations about your industry, asking your followers what they think about this and that, or simply creating posts that you think your audience will find valuable and engaging. 

This works to build trust between your brand and your followers, which often results in better, more meaningful customer relationships, and more sales for your bottom line. 

Knowing Your Audience

If you want to create social content that your followers will interact with, you’ll need to understand what type of content they’re interested in. 

A great way to do this is by performing a bit of simple research and creating a series of semi-fictional character outlines of who your ideal customers might be. 

Then, you can use this information to find common questions and problems that your target audience has, which you, as a business, can work to resolve. 

By providing solutions and answers to your audience’s problems, you’ll be positioning your brand as a trusted source of information that consumers will want to engage with. 

Run Analytics

If you really want to up your game, you can dig into the data. CLEVR AI is a platform for e-commerce businesses to instantly analyze the performance of any brand. The platform connects data across your website, social media platforms, and marketing activities to provide insights to increase performance. There is no coding and no implementation necessary – and a free tool was recently launched so there is no commitment necessary either.

They recently released a blog ‘9 Ways to Grow Your Brand Visibility on Instagram’, which is filled with great insights. Check it out at this link.

Consistent Branding

Whether we’re talking about logos and design, imagery, colours, fonts, or even the tone of voice used in your content, it’s vital to ensure that it always remains consistent and in line with your brand persona. 

Creating a brand guide is a great way to ensure that everyone on your team, from your employees and coworkers to your business partners and collaborators, will know how to emulate your brand voice properly. 

Note that your brand guide is not a static document and can be updated regularly to accommodate any updates or changes that may happen to your business. Create professional logos and design here:

Making The Most Of Your Social Media Efforts

Business owners often struggle to find value in spending time and money on social media marketing. 

However, when you work to build a community, rather than a sales page, know your audience, rather than trying to sell to everyone, and you keep all your marketing materials consistent with your brand persona, you shouldn’t have any trouble attracting new, prospective customers to your brand. 

Lastly, remember that the most active social media accounts in the world didn’t simply blow up overnight. They started small and slow and gradually worked their way up into the massive influencer accounts we see today! 

So get started! Be active and engaged with your community, and you’ll be making sales in no time! 

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This guest post was written by Colin Moss.


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