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Seven strategies to promote your web talk show

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With the world’s digital shift, online podcasts and web talk shows have become increasingly dominant in recent years. With so much competition, gathering a sizable audience for a web talk show in this age can be difficult. However, with regular effort and a few foolproof marketing strategies, you will be able to target the demographic of your choice.

Create a strong social media presence:

You can create a page for your show on a social media platform like Facebook or Twitter and then post regularly about upcoming episodes and guests. You can also use social media to interact with potential viewers and give them a taste of what your show is like.  

One way to stay on top of your social media game is to pre-plan your posts. Social media scheduling can be a great way to ensure that you are not feeling overwhelmed with the maintenance of social media amid your chaotic work schedule. Many services such as PosterMyWall allow you to explore personal branding templates that may help create a strong social media presence for your web show.

One common factor should dominate in all situations, whether you are tweeting, posting through Facebook, or publishing stories on Instagram to promote your web talk show; the quality of your content. Your audience will appreciate it, and you will develop a more devoted and loyal following if your content is engaging. 

Regular old mundane ways of creating content have become somewhat lackluster and are incapable of wowing audiences. Fortunately, with services like PosterMyWall, you don’t need to worry. These services will allow you to create aesthetically appealing content that will draw viewers to you and keep them interested. With Facebook and Twitter, they can help with scheduling posts. At the same time, for Instagram, these services offer the most top-tier Instagram story templates to keep your viewers interested and wanting more.

Use other online platforms to promote your show

You can create a blog or podcast about your show and then share episodes or snippets on social media platforms. You can also reach out to other web talk show hosts and ask if they’d be willing to promote your show on their platform.  

Do not abandon older marketing strategies

You can use old marketing strategies like handing out flyers or postcards in public places or talking about your show to friends and family. You can also reach out to local businesses and ask if they’d be willing to promote your show on their premises. 

While handing out flyers and word-of-mouth promotion seems obsolete, this cannot be farther from the truth. These medieval promotional tricks may be old, but have you not heard the old saying, “Old is Gold.” Having these tricks up your sleeve is always a safe bet since they can serve as powerful tools in taking your web talk show to the next level. You may not realize it, but if the right person comes across your flyers, someone who is influential and happens to find your content interesting, it can significantly boost your ratings. 

Therefore, always ensure that just like your social media posts, the flyers you hand out are just as informative and eye-catching. Doing so will ensure that they won’t go unnoticed by those who come across them. If you are looking for some nice flyer templates, services like PosterMyWall can serve as great flyer makers that enable you to design customized flyers for your web talk show. 

Divvy up your audience:

If you’re a web series creator whose episodes differ slightly in length, tone, and theme, you shouldn’t always promote your material to the same audience. When promoting an episode, you might wish to target young people who enjoy horror films one week; then the 35–60 age group the following week because the episode is more from the viewpoint of the parents. Create new audience segments for your Facebook page to save time down the road and to critically investigate your audience assumptions!

While this is a technique of Facebook to obtain your money more easily, it’s also a tremendous time saver. Facebook lets you save and name audience segments so that you may not have to re-enter the same demographic records.

Go live!

There is a live video option on almost every social media app or platform. Once you go live, the social media app will notify all of your subscribers and followers instantly. Spend some time either responding to audience queries or providing an update on the status of your project. 

You can stream live from any place, but it’s best to do it in a scenic location like a rooftop or a playground. It is an excellent strategy to stay connected to your followers. Once they see you in an untuned, unfiltered live setting, you will have a greater chance of developing a loyal group of followers. They will have a much better chance of getting to know you and are more likely to relate to your content. It is an essential step to not only have your viewers stay updated on what’s to come but also have them connect with you on a deeper level. 

Follow similar content creators:

Following web show hosts that create similar content as you is always a wise decision. Not only does this open doors for future collaborations, which can again pave the way for your online web show, but it can also enable you to expand your reach. Unless they are famous celebrities, chances are they might follow you back since getting new followers is always admirable. They might even check out your page and approach you for a collaboration. It is an impressive way to extend your reach. 

Go through the feed of one program that has been running a little longer or has achieved a little more success than you. Most likely, the program would have talked about some press attention they received, such as an interview, a feature, or even a shout-out in a bigger piece of writing. Given that your show is similar to others in these outlets, you should try to get in touch with them. Choose the one that seems to match (or is the first you notice) and send them a press release. Make sure to include citations to demonstrate that you are not simply randomly contacting them in an attempt to garner attention but also follow their outlet. It is an effective way to develop a connection with the press, which can only be helpful in the longer run.

Make every occasion matter

Nothing beats in-person promotion, especially when you’re just getting started. Go through websites like Meetup and RSVP to discover events happening around you. In-person marketing will fit into your schedule and offer you a better understanding of the potential in your neighborhood. 

Make sure you do not leave these incredible PR opportunities off your social media. Before events, make sure to update your accounts with posters of the events letting your viewers know that you will be attending the said event so that they can come by and have a little meet and greet with you in person. 

However, getting a graphic designer to design posters can not only be rather expensive but an irrelevant cost. With services like PosterMyWall serving as poster makers, you can easily make posters by choosing a template from an extensive collection of templates and customizing it however you want. These events enable you to establish and extend contacts and your demographic with the people you meet at these events. 

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The bottom line:

With globalization and social media growth, web talk shows are on the rise. Many individuals are trying to make a living out of it, but it is challenging due to the considerable competition in the field. However, with these simple tips, guidelines, and perseverance, there is no reason why anyone should not be able to promote their talk show and take it to the next level.

This was a guest post by PosterMyWall.


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