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Tips for the Best eCommerce Product Photography

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Are you already an online seller or planning to launch an eCommerce site? In either case. you need to know how to incorporate the best eCommerce product photography of the products you are selling to get the best results. Besides having a well-designed website, it is crucial to use professional photography to get the best shots of your products because it can have a big influence on potential buyers’ decisions to buy or not.

Given that online shoppers do not get to enjoy the same sensory experiences as in-store shoppers, such as having the chance to closely examine, try and feel the product, you need top-notch eCommerce product photography to make up for this. The best product photos will help shoppers to get a good idea of the product’s appearance, and even bring out its key features like texture and fit. This is because it shows the item from various settings and angles.

Here are some tips that can ensure you have the best eCommerce product photography:

Take photos of the entire products

Although talking about photographing the entire product seems so obvious, it is crucial to state here. The complete item should be wholly visible in the main product picture. As you get the full item photo, ensure the product is straight and level with no creases or wrinkles. And make sure there’s enough blank space around the object.

Unless you have clear and high-quality photos of your products, potential buyers will not take your business seriously and may just think you’re a hobbyist. Therefore, use the services of professionals like Squareshot for high-quality eCommerce product photography. To get the customers to click buy on your merchandise, have excellent photos. If need be, retouch them to eliminate dust, wrinkles, or any clutter in the background. Luckily, there are plenty of user-friendly apps for such tasks.

Use white background

If you have been keenly paying attention, you may have noticed that the majority of eCommerce websites use a white background for their product pictures. The main reason for the white background is that it reduces distraction, ensures the product is the center of buyers’ focus, and promotes consistency on the site. In addition, from an aesthetic perspective, product photos with white backgrounds are much cleaner, have a better and professional finish and the colorful merchandise becomes more distinct.

Have several images per product

On most occasions, it’s best to display more than one image of each product. As buyers explore your site, they want to look at images of the products from different angles, check the products’ details in close-ups and even get an idea of the way the item looks when a human being is using it or when it’s being worn Online shoppers must have clear item details and this is only possible if there are enough images of the items. In addition, more information like size charts can help the shoppers.

Ensure proper lighting

For top-notch eCommerce product photography and even in ordinary photography, lighting is one of the critical things to observe. While many shoppers will not think much of products that are unclear and shadowy, they will be more moved and persuaded to buy items with well-lit photos. If you don’t want to go wrong with lighting, hire professional eCommerce photographers.

ConclusionWhen you’re selling your products online, it is vital to invest in the best eCommerce photography for the best results and to ensure you get buyers clicking buy on your merchandise. Some tips that can help to have better product photos include photographing the entire item, using a white background, having multiple images per product, and ensuring proper lighting.


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