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Dropshipping and Other Ways You Can Make the Most of Your Amazon Business

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There are a fair few different ways in which you can run your Amazon business. The most standard is to have the product in your possession, place it up for sale, sell it, and then ship it to the customer. However, there are other methods suiting those that are either short on storage space or want to create their very own brand.

Regardless of which option of selling you decide to take you are going to need a bit of help along the way. Here is a guide on how to encourage traffic to your Amazon page, and how dropshipping can help you make the most of your business.

Encourage quality traffic to your Amazon page

You will need to encourage good-quality traffic to your Amazon page. In fact, it is not enough to just make a listing and sit back and wait anymore. Hiring the services of an Amazon marketing agency such as Nuanced Media will put your products in front of more interested customers. Getting this highly beneficial, good-quality traffic to your selling pages will undoubtedly result in more customers purchasing your products and therefore mean more profit for you.

This can be adopted regardless of whether you are selling an item in your possession or are selling one of the following options:

Choose dropshipping 

Dropshipping is great for those individuals who do not want to handle the goods, have nowhere to store stock, or do not want to put effort into shipping the goods to customers. In general, dropshipping is when a manufacturer uses your selling services as the middleman in a transaction. They make the goods, hold on to the goods while you place them up for sale, and then ship the goods on your behalf straight to the customer. 

This can be a great way of selling items, however, you do have to understand the risk that you put your business under. If for any reason the customer is not happy or doesn’t receive the goods either in good time (or at all) it is you that will be held at fault and will receive the negative feedback – not your supplier.

Choose white-label products 

White-label products are products that you can add your own branding to. There are different ways you can go about selling white-label goods. You can order your stock, provide the manufacturer with your branded labels and have them put on each item, and then sold as per the dropshipping method talked about above; or you can have the products with or without your branded label attached shipped to you so that you can attach your own label and sell them in the regular way. 

The main point to keep in mind is that the manufacturer will be making the same product – not a unique one – for you and your competitors and the only difference will be your branded label. This is great for those who want to put their business name to a product and start their own brand. 

Branding undoubtedly has its own benefits; it helps to keep the business in the customer’s mind, shows a level of quality and stability, and can inspire customer loyalty.


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