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Learn To Start A Business When You Are Terrified

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There are many that don’t know anything about starting a business. For some, it is difficult to ask that all important question: what is the best way to start a successful business? The answer lies in this post’s title, which is to Learn To Start A Business When You Are Terrified. Most fear comes from the unknown. When you learn about something, and there are no more unknowns…then your anxiety is eliminated!

Why Am I Scared To Start My Own Business?

You don’t know how to start a business, so naturally, you are fearful. For some, their fear goes up to the next level. They are terrified and, as such, never take the exciting step of becoming a business owner.

You will need to face the fear, which means knowing the answer to what you are fearing. The common fears are:

  1. Fear of failing
  2. Not knowing how to start a business.
  3. You don’t have any expertise.
  4. There is no support from friends and family.
  5. Assuming you don’t have enough money to start a business
  6. Fear that nobody will want what you have to offer
  7. You worry about becoming overwhelmed.
  8. Not being able to handle the responsibility that comes with business ownership.
  9. The time is not right.

What Is The First Thing You Need TO Do To Start A Business?

You need to get over what you are fearful of. You can only do this by increasing your knowledge, which is done through learning.

Learn To Start A Business By Getting Rid Of Each Fear

Fear Of Failing

Failure in business can be the result of many different factors. One of these is that the new business person is trying to do it alone. Or the individual has been in business but in a brick and mortar setting. It may mean they are trying to transition to an online E-Commerce business and have no knowledge of it. They try to do it alone and are not relying on any expertise. Without reliable expertise to direct them, they are at risk of failure.

Not Knowing How To Start A Business

If this is the category you are in, there are many like you. They know they have a great business idea. They know the internet provides a golden opportunity for starting a business. What they do not know is how to start an e-commerce business.

The Solution:

Is to learn from those that have the experience and expertise in starting a business. The experts can provide you with the tools needed for starting an E-Commerce business.

You Don’t Have Any Expertise.

There are two areas of expertise that you need to consider which are:

  • Knowing how to start a business
  • Knowing how to run a business

The Solution:

You need to rely on resources that will take you from the start of your business to where you will have all the knowledge and tools to run it successfully. This should include developing a strategy, creating a website, choosing best selling products and much more.

There Is No Support From Friends And Family

You are going to need to Learn To Start A Business When You Are Terrified. Friends and family that are not in business have the same fears as you. They cannot support you in something they are not knowledgeable about.

The Solution:

Do not rely on the opinions of others until you have enough knowledge to know whether their concerns are valid or not.

Assuming You Don’t Have Enough Money To Start A Business

This is a big holdup for many that want to start an E-Commerce business. They believe that they need to have a large inventory of products to have a successful online business. This is not true. When you enter into the “Learn To Start A Business” phase, you will discover many opportunities to start a company you are passionate about with minimal start-up costs.


A learning portal where you will learn how to sell through Amazon FBA or Dropshipping With Shopify. These are two of the most successful forms of running a business online and do not require significant capital to get started.

Fear That Nobody Will Want What You Have To Offer

This is a valid fear, but it comes from a lack of knowledge.


Taking advantage of the expertise that will allow you to learn about which products would be best for you to offer and teaching you how to source those products, so you don’t have to put out any money or hold any stock.

You Worry About Becoming Overwhelmed

Yes, you will be overwhelmed if you don’t feel confident in what you are doing. You will only build your confidence if you understand the business-building process.


You need to rely on the expertise to help you develop a business plan. The key to doing business online is being organized. This is what a business plan allows you to do.

Not Being Able To Handle The Responsibility That Comes With Business Ownership

The thought of even owning an E-Commerce business can be overwhelming. This again comes from not knowing what it involves or what kind of help is available to you.


Learning how to develop and implement a business plan.

The Time Is Not Right

This stumbling block of how to start a business depends on your personal circumstances. So if the time is not right because of fear, it is not a valid excuse. However, If the time is not right due to personal circumstances, and you may be justified in thinking this way. Only you can decide this.

Any one of these or a combination of them may apply to you. However, the solution to each of these fears all have one thing in common, and the solution is you need to Learn To Start A Business When You Are Terrified.

We Are Your Solution

Here at E-Commerce Boardroom, we have developed a comprehensive Learn To Start A Business Course that puts all your fears to rest, which in turn sets you up for success. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain when you become knowledgeable about the E-Commerce process.


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