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Seven must-know tips for integrating social media with eCommerce

social media and ecommerce

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The importance of social media in our lives can’t be understated, as it has become a large part of people’s everyday lives. When talking about eCommerce or digital marketing, social media is a significant part of that, but how is that?

Integrating social media into your existing eCommerce website is essential in taking your business to the next level. We will look at seven things everyone should know about when it comes to integrating social media with eCommerce.

Use social media to build a brand.

There is no better way for an online business to build its brand than social media. So why is building a brand so important? Your brand is what your customers will recognize you by and see as your identity. 

Social media allows you to build a brand and showcase your identity through what you post and how you communicate. What makes social media so good for this is that social media allows you to reach a vast audience and post regularly. By letting people know what you do and what you sell, you can grow your business and increase your sales.


Advertising is a big part of getting people to know what you are selling. You can regularly post ads and promotions through social media to increase people’s interest in your products. Posting on social media is free and can help you reach the maximum number of customers.

There are a lot of businesses that advertise using social media, so you need to be able to make your ads stand out from the others. Advertising through social media can be very effective, but only when done correctly.

Social media is excellent for customer feedback.

Social media comment sections and general review areas are great for customer feedback. As a business, it is vital to get constant feedback, whether it is negative or positive. What people say about your business helps you know what you are doing right and what might need to change.

Using social media for this is very easy as you don’t have to put in any work to attain feedback other than reading through comments or reviews for your posts or products.

Customer service through social media

You can use social media for customer service as it’s very easy to communicate directly through social media. Many businesses use social media as their primary mode of communication with their customers, including any complaints or issues the customers might have. 

Social media also allows you to share any contact information you might have that you want others to know. This makes it easy for your customers to attain any information regarding your contact directly through your social media pages.

Make use of social media personalities to promote your products

Influencers or personalities on social media can have a lot of followers that pay a lot of attention to what they have to say about a product. Using social media personalities for promotions is great for awareness and can bring many customers.

You want relevant influencers to your product and have a wide reach and a large following. Smaller influencers can be very effective if they relate to your product and can easily sell it to their followers.

Be regularly active

It’s essential to remember that to be successful through social media; you need to be active on it and post regularly. Social media can help you gain a large following and attention from thousands of users, but you want to stay relevant by posting frequently. There are so many businesses online that if you are inactive or don’t post for a long time, people tend to forget about you. Being active on social media also means you reply to queries appropriately and on time.

Use interactive posts

The best way to interact with your customers on social media is to post interactive posts. Posts that can get a lot of comments or shares from your followers are what will make people talk about you and grow your brand.

Posts that ask for people’s input or giveaways are great for customer interaction. You want people talking about your brand, and interactive posts can do just that.

Services to help you with social media marketing

Social media and digital marketing are what will make an eCommerce website successful, and you want it to be the best it can be. Running an eCommerce business and handling its marketing and social media accounts simultaneously can be difficult. There are plenty of online businesses and services that can help you with all your marketing needs. One such example is GOYOU branding, a digital marketing firm that can help you with your digital marketing needs so that you don’t have to worry about it.


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