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How to Advertise Your Dropshipping Products

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The current times we live in have brought with it unexpected changes. From social distancing to work-from-home employment opportunities, there is no shortage of changes brought on by 2020. The Covid-19 pandemic no doubt had a large part to play in the repositioning of our daily activities.

Due to the compulsory staying-indoors restrictions, a lot of people have discovered means to work from home. Many opportunities exist in the field of digital entrepreneurship. One of the major ways to earn from home conveniently even with very little capital is by dropshipping.

If you are considering threading the e-commerce paths, you should consider this. Dropshipping offers benefits that could transform you into a successful entrepreneur in a short timeframe.

It even provides new opportunities for a perfect work-life balance and spending more time with family. This article explains effective ways to advertise your dropshipping products, as it isn’t enough to just have an online store.

What is Shopify Dropshipping

If you desire to become an entrepreneur, Shopify dropshipping is an easy and effective way to start.  This model allows you to avoid major cost-incurring aspects of eCommerce stores, which are, shipping and inventory.

This typically means you don’t need to have any goods whatsoever before you start a dropshipping business. Shopify dropshipping involves a customer placing an order through an online store. Then, that order is communicated to a supplier, who ships the product directly to the customer.

That means you become a reseller of an existing brand’s well-established product. What you are now left with is coming up with an effective marketing strategy to lure your target audience and then convert them into repeat customers.

Although there are lots of awesome eCommerce platforms to work with, Shopify stands out as one of the best. Shopify is a dominant e-commerce platform that lets start-up entrepreneurs open their online store, sell products, and receive payments.

In summary, it’s quite convenient to use as it is easy to get started even without technical experience, and the product includes tutorials and support to aid you when wrapping your head around their apps and themes.

How to Use Facebook Advertising for E-commerce

As an e-commerce entrepreneur, a definite question that must run through your mind is: what advertising tool will best aid you to reach your potential customers? You’d for sure want to go for one that helps you reach your target based on their likes, behaviors, and interests.

Also, it is one that saves you time and money by ensuring your ad is delivered to those who will most likely convert. Well, there’s no need to look too far, Facebook offers all these benefits and is used by most e-commerce marketers, and entrepreneurs, start-ups included.

Here is the point. As long as you are familiar with the basics, you can boost your business growth using Facebook ads. Here are some ways to effectively advertise your products using Facebook;

#1. Use Outstanding Images in Your Ads

First and foremost, it’s important to use high-quality images in your ads. When selecting the right image, you should bear in mind pictures that are bright, eye-catching, and full of color. The goal is to stop a scrolling Facebook user dead in their tracks and cause them to pay attention to your ad.

Also, be sure to choose an image with the right size for the type of ad you’re working with.

Of course, photos can say a lot all by themselves, but it is more effective to add powerful phrases, numbers, or words that can portray them more attractively. People are generally used to viewing real family and friends’ pictures, so when choosing an attention-grabbing image, try to use images of real people.

#2. Install FacebookPixel for Your Website

It’s necessary to get a Facebook pixel as this helps you to be able to view Facebook customers’ activities on your sites. When using Shopify, to install a Facebook pixel, you simply follow the following steps;

  • Go to the Ads Manager on Facebook.
  • Enter into the Pixels segment.
  • Click on “set up pixel”.
  • Select by clicking “use integration or tag manager”.
  • Then click on “Shopify”.
  • Select “enter your pixel ID”.
  • You copy your pixel ID.
  • Proceed to Shopify to log in.
  • Proceed to your Admin panel in Shopify.
  • In the Facebook pixel segment, paste your pixel ID.
  • Click on “save”.

You can then easily utilize the pixel to track your website events and actions that you want to be made known to Facebook for ad targeting.

#3. Discover New Customers Using Lookalike Audiences

A benefit of using Facebook is that it helps you locate new potential customers based on the characteristics of your previous customers. What Lookalike Audiences does is to help you locate and advertise to individuals who are similar to your current customers and are likely to be drawn to your products.

This tool will make use of the algorithms of Facebook to locate people with closely related characteristics to that of your customers. You will need a Custom Audience base to create a Lookalike Audience. This is a more advanced feature for established businesses.

#4. Sustain Your Current Customer Relationships Using Custom Audiences

Custom Audiences allows you to create a list of people you wish to target using ads. This could be based on customers’ phone numbers, customers’ emails, or Facebook ID.

It allows you to strengthen your relationship with your customers and attempt to make them Facebook fans. You just simply have to upload your list of customers to the Custom Audience Tool and mark them using applicable Page Like ads.

A sure way to sustain your customer relationship is to spot and reward (by exclusive offers mostly) those who purchase and recommend your products continually to others.

#5. Make Use of Catchy And Engaging Copy in Your Ads.

When using Facebook Ad, it is important to get the attention of your potential customers with your headlines. Whatever you write should engage your audience, as there is a ton of noise online that you are competing with.

To avoid your prospects from scrolling down past your ad, you should grab their attention with a copy and image that speaks to them. You could use phrase questions that appeal to their need to learn, fix, or know something extraordinary.

You could also employ the use of emojis to make your ad copy more conversational. For your Facebook ad to be effective, your copy should show your target audience that you comprehend their issues and can offer the desired solutions.

Final Thoughts

When advertising your drop ship products, you must make use of effective strategies that can convert to revenue. A lot of noise is being made on almost every online platform, and Facebook is no different.

For your product to stand out and keep a user engaged, you should understand how to relate, and sell yourself efficiently. The perfect ad to use when marketing your brand differs by business goals and customer.

The important thing is to be flexible enough to adjust to which strategy works best for your product and watch as your brand grows over time.


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