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The Best-Selling Male Hat Styles

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Headgear has always been immensely popular with men. There are thousands of different kinds of hat available today, but only a small quantity sell in huge numbers in the United States of America. Here is a rundown of the most popular male hat styles.

Baseball Cap

Baseball caps are, overall, the biggest-selling style of hat in the world. Baseball caps are extremely practical, comfortable, and simple to manufacture. Several distinctive styles of the baseball cap have become essential parts of American popular fashion. The snapback, five panel, dad cap, and trucker cap are all very popular. It seems as though when one kind of baseball cap goes out of fashion, another quickly emerges to take its place in the limelight.


The beanie hat was first popularized in medieval Wales, although it only entered American popular culture in the 1940s – where it was worn by laborers working in cold weather. In the 1950s, beanies were worn by university students as a form of mild hazing. Custom beanies are popular pieces of promotional clothing released by brands looking to cement their identity in the eyes of the public. The style remains enduringly popular due to its warmth, low price, and simple looks.


The fedora is now a much-maligned hat due to its association with incel culture, but this does not mean that it has not continued to sell extremely well. Fedoras first gained popularity in the 1930s in the Eastern United States, where they were paired with long jackets and smart casual streetwear. The fedora is the iconic hat of the gnarled film noir PI or fraudster extraordinaire. Some prestigious companies still manufacture high-quality fedoras using top-quality leather and felts.


Newsboy hats are both warm and shade-providing. They have recently seen a surge in popularity thanks to the British TV show Peaky Blinders, which has become very popular in the United States. Newsboy caps are practical and considered rather masculine looking.


The cowboy hat is the defining item of clothing from the birth of the American West. These broad brimmed hats were first developed from Mexican Vaquero hats worn by farmers south of the border. Interestingly, the most influential cowboy hats were made by people far from the Western states. John B Stetson was a hatter from Philadelphia. In 1865 he released the ‘boss of the plains’ broad brimmed hat. It was made of fine furs and proved to be perfect for the hard, sun-bleached life of the pioneering cowboy farmer. Cowboy hats are coming back into fashion, and high-quality editions sell for remarkable prices in even more remarkable numbers.


Although bucket hats were first released as practical all-weather gear and were favored by soldiers in the 1960s, they found true popularity in the 1980s and 1990s with ravers and soccer casuals in Europe. The quintessential headgear of the geezer, these bonnets have found a new popularity thanks to the nostalgia-based fashion trends of generation z.


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