Guest Article Guidelines

Thanks for your interest in writing a guest article for the E-Commerce Boardroom blog. 

We love having experts to write articles for the Boardroom community and we appreciate you taking the time to check out our guidelines. 

Our goal is to make our blog posts insightful, informational, entertaining, readable, actionable, and SEO optimized.

Please read through the guidelines and submission requirements below. 

Article Guidelines

To that end, below are a set of helpful guidelines:

  • 1,200+ words per article
  • 1 specific SEO keyword chosen for each article
  • Conversational writing style
  • Must be original content and only published on the E-Comm Boardroom blog
  • How to, List articles, Guides, or opinion pieces

Please do your best to adhere to these guidelines. After you submit your article, we will review it and may ask you to make revisions if they are not met. 

Submission Guidelines

Once you’ve finished your article, please submit it to Please be sure to take note of the submission guidelines below:

  • Format: Google Doc or Word Document
  • Submission process: send via email to
  • Please identify your desired keyword for the blog post.

Next Steps

Once you submit your article, we will review it and request any revisions that may be needed. 

We’ll then notify you of a post scheduling date. 

After the article is live on the Boardroom blog, we will send you a link to the post so you can share it with your audiences. 

What to Do Once Your Article Is Published

We will do our part to promote your post on social media and to our email list. We ask that you do your part as well, promoting your article in order to see the best results and engagement. Some ideas:

  • Share the article on your social media channels
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Thank you for your interest in publishing to the Boardroom Blog!