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E-commerce: 14 Graphic Designs to Make Website Look More Attractive

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E-commerce is a business where there are no intermediaries involved. Products are displayed via graphic designs through online portals, and customers order them directly. Selling products online has many advantages for businesses, such as reaching international markets with ease, avoiding costs related to opening physical stores in new locations, the low cost of the infrastructure needed to start an e-commerce business compared to brick and mortar stores, etc. The only disadvantage would be the lack of face-to-face contact between sellers and buyers.

The development of e-commerce resulted in considerable improvements in how websites look since they were first created 20 years ago. Websites now have more resources to achieve better results than before, such as HTML5 or CSS3. These technologies result in more attractive websites that are also responsive, which means that they can be used on any device, regardless of the screen size. 

When it comes to e-commerce, the look and feel of your website are critical. After all, if your site doesn’t look attractive, potential customers will be less likely to stick around.

That’s why if you are a web designing company, it’s essential to focus on your website’s graphics. You can make your website more visually appealing and encourage people to stick around longer by using attractive designs.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are tips for graphic designs that can make your e-commerce website look more attractive:

1. Use of Videos:

E-commerce businesses can use videos to show their products being used or to demonstrate how they work. It will help customers understand what they are buying and increase confidence in the product. Videos can also be used to show the company’s values and mission, and its team.

2. Use of Animations:

Animations can be used to make website elements move, which will attract attention to them. They can also create a more fun experience, showing off new products or events. Don’t sleep on these elements of graphic design.

3. Better use of Images:

Images are essential elements on websites that can help attract attention and credibility to a company. They can be used for graphics in headers, banners, etc. Images need to be of good quality, so they don’t show pixelated images on different devices with larger screens.

4. Using Rich Media Content:

Rich media content helps enrich the customer experience by providing additional information about products or services offered through interactive videos or even virtual reality experiences being part of e-commerce platforms. This kind of business is more attractive because it shows how advanced they are compared to traditional stores with little or no digital marketing exposure. 

5. Use clean and simple designs

One of the best ways to make your website look more attractive is to use clean and simple designs. This design choice gives your site a modern and appealing look.

Since people want to find the best deals, they’re more likely to stick around if you can provide them with an attractive website.

6. Typography

The use of typography can help make the text more legible for customers and give a more professional look to the website. Different fonts can be used for headings, subheadings, etc., and font size should be big enough so people can read it without having to zoom in. 

7. Have a Nice and User-friendly Navigation

The navigation needs to be clear and easy to understand for customers, so they won’t get confused when browsing the website. Using dropdown menus will decrease the number of clicks needed to purchase or move from one page to another. A good idea is also having different tabs in the header where vital links can be placed, such as contact information, address, etc.

8. Make it Responsive:

Responsiveness means that a website can adapt its layout depending on the device being used by visitors, no matter which screen size they have. It makes a website accessible for individuals that use mobile devices since elements are automatically resized to fit perfectly on smaller screens. 

9. Provide detailed product shots

When it comes to selling products online, you need detailed product shots so that your customers can see what they’re buying. It will encourage people to stay on your site longer and explore other areas as well. In fact, according to a study by Smashing Magazine, research has shown that including high-quality images in eCommerce websites increases user engagement by 80%.

10. Make use of a professional color scheme

The color scheme is important for making your e-commerce website look more attractive. If you use an unprofessional color scheme, people will not stick around for very long. On the other hand, if you can use a professional color scheme, this will make your site look more appealing and enable customers to trust it.

11. Provide high-quality images

The importance of using high-quality images cannot be understated for e-commerce websites. These days, most consumers want to see what they’re buying before purchasing it online. So providing high-quality images will allow them to do that quickly and increase the likelihood of conversions on your site. If you don’t know which images are best or how to find them, check out these four ways to find quality images for your e-commerce website.

12. Make use of infographics

Today’s consumers are incredibly visual. If you can use infographics, this will allow customers to easily understand the information on your site and trust it more. And if they trust your site more, this will encourage them to stick around longer. So try making good use of infographics on your site, then look at these tips for creating effective infographics.

13. Use user testimonials

User testimonials are compelling to show potential customers that people enjoy using your product or service. After all, if other users have had a positive experience with your company or products, chances are potential customers are going to have a positive experience as well.

14. Showcase your company’s photo gallery

Another way to make your website look more attractive is to showcase your company’s photo gallery. If you can show off the people behind the scenes, this will make your site seem more trustworthy and appealing. And if you want help showcasing these images, things like Whitewater Photo Props and Custom Backdrops can create the perfect backdrop for your eCommerce images!

Wrapping Up!

Start by writing down a list of all the different elements of your e-commerce website. Then, determine which elements could be enhanced with better graphic design. For example, if your product images are low quality, you may want to hire a new photographer or invest in photography props that will allow people to get a closer look at what they’re buying online. Once you have this list, put together mockups of your site to see how these changes would impact it visually. Finally, hire a designer who specializes in eCommerce web design to create attractive eCommerce sites.

Consider the use of a trusted talent marketplace like Toptal, where you can find and hire top-rated Visual Designers, specialized in eCommerce websites. By leveraging expert designers you can elevate your brand’s visual appeal, and guide the overall user experience on your website, toward higher conversions.

E-commerce businesses should always keep up with the latest design trends to look more appealing to customers and stay ahead of the competition. These tips are a good starting point, but there are many other ways that businesses can improve their website’s appearance.


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