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Email Lists Still Matter in Marketing – Here’s Why

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Did you know that 65% of your customers check their email more than 3 times per day? With this many users interacting with this platform, the potential for your marketing campaign are endless. 

But isn’t email marketing a technique of the past? Actually no! In fact, 4 out of 5 marketers actually revealed they would rather give up their social media marketing over their email lists. 

Why, you ask? Because the benefits are simply unbeatable. From increasing conversions to interacting with your audience, there are so many ways you can use email marketing to your advantage.

Wondering why your business needs an email list in this day and age? Follow along to discover the distinct benefits of email list building and why your business simply can’t afford to miss out on this effective marketing platform.

Email Marketing is More Effective Than Most Marketing Channels

Believe it or not, email marketing actually holds the highest conversion rate out of any digital marketing avenue. What’s more, is that the return on investment for building your email list is pretty impressive too! 

Because you have direct access to your consumer’s inbox, you don’t have to worry about if they’ll find you on their Instagram feed or the pages of Google. Once your customers are on your email list, you’re guaranteed to at least make it to their inbox. Getting opened from there is then up to your subject lines, content, and offers!

Once you know how to create your email list and leverage this audience, the opportunity is simply endless. 

Engage and Retain Customers

In addition to being so effective at reaching your customers, email marketing helps you engage with users to increase your impact. By having these more direct conversations, you can transform your customer relationships and build trust.

By offering insight and value with your email lists, you’ll be able to build a highly engaged audience that is interested and ready to buy.  

With this engagement in mind, you can then work to retain existing customers to increase the lifetime value of your customer base. With carefully curated lead nurturing, you can revive inactive accounts, guide your consumers through your sales funnel, and turn leads into paying customers. 

Emails Encourage Action

When a shopper visits your website, there’s nothing stopping them from having a browse and hitting the back button. Unfortunately, this happens more often than not – even if they are interested in your products and services. This is because there’s no sense of urgency attached to making a purchase. 

With those lead nurturing techniques we mentioned above, you can take matters into your own hands by applying pressure to the situation to encourage action. 

Whether your emails include a CTA to visit your blog or offer a time-sensitive discount code to close the sale, the potential for action is much higher than hoping your shoppers will do it on their own. 

Boost Brand Awareness

We already know it takes multiple exposures before your brand truly imprints on your customer’s minds. Fortunately, email marketing can help you become more omnipresent with much less competition than other marketing channels. 

Instead of hoping your ads appear before your competitors or your posts reach the right audience, you can ensure your brand makes an impact by leveraging the audience who has already expressed interest. 

Not only will they see your name more often, but they’ll also have a chance to engage with your content on their time rather than missing out due to conflicting schedules and scrolling habits. 

Personalized Content and Experience

Personalizing your emails is easier than you think. With the right email list service, you can set up automated messages that feel like personal interactions with your customers with ease. 

This not only builds those relationships we mentioned earlier but also makes your brand appear more customer-centered. 

When your customers feel like they are important to you rather than just another number on your sales list, they feel more compelled to give you the attention you deserve. Beyond this, those great customers experiences lead them to come back again when they have a problem you can solve. 

At the end of the day, customer experience is the name of the marketing game and email marketing is the perfect platform to boost it!

Integrate with Other Marketing Efforts

If you’re worried about the time you invest into your email marketing campaign taking away from your other marketing efforts, you can rest assured knowing email lists are one of the best ways to boost all of your digital marketing efforts. 

Your emails can drive traffic to your website, blog content, social media pages – whatever you like! 

In turn, this then helps you build up those platforms to make your marketing more impactful. They’ll have more exposure to your brand, build more meaningful relationships, and navigate exactly where you need them with ease. 

Email Lists are Yours Forever

Finally, perhaps the most important aspect of email list building is that you own it. 

At the end of the day, your website could crash, your social media accounts could be banned, and your SEO efforts could become outdated. The only thing that can never be ripped out from under you is your email list. 

Aside from customers unsubscribing from your content, those emails will always be in your possession. Unlike followers and hits online, you can continually leverage this audience no matter how the online business world grows. 

The Importance of Email Lists in 2021

Now that you know why email lists are so valuable for your business in today’s digital marketing landscape, it’s time to set to work. From email list building to the strategic techniques of this platform, every business can benefit from this lead nurturing model. 

Not sure where to start with your email list or need a little help mastering your email automation? No problem! Get started with our e-commerce and digital marketing solutions today to experience the impact of email marketing for your budding business.


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