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Ecom Influencer Profile: Who is Araf Rahman?

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In this influencer profile, we’ll highlight one of the web’s rising stars in the world of Shopify and Dropshipping influencers: Araf Rahman.

By the end, you’ll know exactly whether or not following his work, or working with him directly, would add value to your business goals. Let’s dive in!

Who is Araf Rahman?

Araf Rahman is an e-commerce influencer, Instagram personality, business consultant, and service provider who works with new ecommerce entrepreneurs to build businesses from scratch.  

His primary areas of expertise are in Shopify, e-commerce, dropshipping, and other digital marketing related topics.

He has amassed over 26k followers on Instagram in a short amount of time – a pretty impressive feat. I can say that I personally enjoy following his work. His posts have a certain zing to them that keep you glued to the screen and swiping to view the next image card. 

Still, you might be wondering if his content would be specifically helpful for your business. So, in the section below, I will take a deep dive into his most popular content. 

And perhaps most importantly, Araf has a website where he offers “done for you” Shopify Dropshipping business setup and management. 

Well, as you probably know, many others offer similar services. So, what’s special about Araf’s? Is it worth the price tag?

Keep reading to find out. 

Araf Rahman’s Business and Content

The best way to get your feet wet in following Araf is to check out his Instagram account. We’ll explore some of his most popular posts, and then dive into his Done For You Shopify services.

Review – Araf’s Instagram 

Araf’s primary posting topic is dropshipping

In case you don’t know, dropshipping is a mega-popular e-commerce business model. With the dropshipping model, the entrepreneur does not need to buy and store inventory themselves. Instead, when a customer places an order on their site, they communicate that order to their dropshipping supplier, who delivers the product directly to the customer.  

Araf divides his posts up into useful segments.

He has a highlight reel showing thought-provoking product ideas. For example, this plug extension goes behind your couch so you can push the couch up against the wall (a problem I have dealt with personally!)

He talks a great deal about Marketing Psychology – an absolutely critical topic when it comes to writing engaging sales copy that actually causes a customer to pull out their wallet. Here, he talks about the power of imaginative language – which I love!

Finally…my favorite…Araf spends considerable time debunking “fake gurus”. If you’ve been involved in ecommerce for a while, you know that there are TONS of them out there! This could just save you from the headache of a bad purchase.

So, I truthfully get a lot of enjoyment out of following Araf on instagram. And it’s pretty useful, too. Give it a shot!

‘Done For You’ Shopify Services

As mentioned, Araf also has a business where he will help newcomers to start a business from scratch. 

For the price of $2k + $300 per month in managed service fees, Araf and his team will choose a product for you to sell, create an optimized Shopify store, create 3 high quality product video ads, write your sales copy, run your Facebook Ad account, manage email and SMS marketing, and provide guidance along the way. 

That’s an incredibly low price point for the services provided. Of course, you will also need to pay for Facebook Ads, and Araf recommends a $50 per day budget. So you’re looking at an all-in cost of about $3500 in Month 1 and $1800 per month after that for a completely done-for-you dropshipping business. 

Now, will this yield a return on investment? 

That remains to be seen. But to help mitigate your risk, Araf offers your money back after 30 days if your store has not generated $1000 in sales, minimum. That’s a pretty great guarantee. 

Additionally, Araf does have several video testimonials on the site that are worth listening to. By all accounts, he has generated quite a lot of value for his clients so far.  

Should I Follow or Work With Araf Rahman?

In conclusion, if you’re getting into e-commerce, dropshipping, or especially Shopify, you might want to give Araf a follow. 

My advice? Check out his Instagram account, see if his content resonates with you, and then take a look at his business if you are thinking about launching a dropshipping store.

Hopefully this influencer profile was helpful and spurred you to action. Let us know in the comments!

Links to follow Araf Rahman

  • Check out his Instagram
  • Here’s his site for Done For You Dropshipping services


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