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Want to Supercharge Your Journey To
Becoming an Entrepreneur?

E-Commerce Consulting and Digital Marketing Services

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to scale, our bespoke consulting services are designed to grow your e-commerce brand. Browse our services below, purchase one of our packages, or call us for a free consultation. 

E-Commerce Services

E-Commerce Tech Setup Service

Need a new or revitalized e-commerce website? We can help with that. Plus, we’ll get you squared away with all the software and tools you need to operate your business effectively.

Customized Strategic Direction

Work with a professional management consultant to receive personalized recommendations based on your business needs. We’ll fix your bottom line or create a business plan from scratch.

Digital Marketing Implementation

Whether it’s executing a cold-call strategy, running paid ads, or blogging for SEO – we have the resources you need to increase brand awareness, develop leads, and drive conversions.

Our Packages

E-Commerce Startup

For those who are newcomers to e-commerce or transitioning a brick-and-mortar store online.
$ 697 One Time Fee
  • Strategy Seminar
  • Website Creation
  • Verified Products + Suppliers
  • 1 year business plan
  • Custom Domain Email
  • Email Marketing Setup
  • Money Back Guarantee

Marketing Hyper-Growth

For existing brands. Includes all Startup Package features that are needed.
$ 997 Month to Month
  • Strategy Seminar + Weekly Calls
  • Website Optimization
  • Supplier / Service Provider Analysis
  • Systematic Marketing Plan
  • Financial Analysis
  • Email Marketing Sequence
  • Money Back Guarantee

Custom Package

Every situation is unique. Call us to create a package that works for you.
Call Set Your Own Price
  • Strategy Seminar
  • Negotiated Pricing
  • E-Commerce Setup
  • Business Planning
  • Digital Marketing Implementation
  • Designed For Your Business Needs!
  • Money Back Guarantee

Client Testimonials

I spent much of the last year providing business consulting and writing business plans for Amazon FBA entrepreneurs. Here is some of what they’ve had to say about my services.

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Cannot recommend Charlie enough. He pays great attention to detail, offers solid advice and demonstrates high levels of experience and professionalism. Thank you.
Read More
Under-promised and over-delivered. It exceeded my expectations with how professional the business plan was.
Read More
I would highly recommend Charlie. He is easy to work with and provides an in-depth analysis. Exceeded expectations and will set you on the path to success.
Read More
This seller outlines fact about your product and gives you an in depth to some of the results that can be expected. Great and on time and good guidance.
Read More
Easy communication, available, it was a pleasure to work with him. Very complete file with a lot of information. Professional!!! Thank you.
Read More
Great business experience. Savvy and professional. Looking forward to future business guidance.

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E-Commerce Tech Setup

We’ll assess your situation and determine the right e-commerce platform for you. We are experts on the following platforms:

  • Custom WordPress (best for SEO)
  • Amazon Product Listings
  • Shopify E-Commerce

In addition to setting up your online store, we will make sure your business is set up to thrive, including the following services:

  • Custom domain web hosting
  • Email setup
  • Social media profile setup
  • Email marketing platform setup
  • Ad account creation (Facebook, Google)

Professional Consulting Services

Every situation is different. Anyone who sells you on a “one size fits all” approach to e-commerce simply does not understand the facts. Our team of professional management consultants will meet with you on your schedule and assess your business in the following areas:

  • Product / market fit & product line expansion opportunities
  • Supplier analysis
  • Fulfillment service provider assessment
  • A variety of digital marketing strategies, including: Inbound Marketing (blogging for SEO, content creation, etc.), Outbound Marketing (cold outreach, digital ads, etc.), and Subscriber Marketing (email marketing, social media content marketing, etc.). 

Book your free consultation and we will begin to craft your personalized recommendations over the phone today!

Digital Marketing Management

If you need a more hands-on approach, we will manage your digital marketing efforts for you. Weekly status reports and monthly progress meetings are included.

We’ll manage any and all of the following services:

  • Social media ads (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • Google PPC search ads
  • Amazon product ads
  • Native content advertising
  • Blogging for SEO
  • White-hat link-building
  •  Cold calls & cold email
  • Customer service outsourcing

Not sure which digital marketing strategies are right for your brand? The first step is to give us a call.