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A Guide To Corporate Wellbeing In The Ecommerce Industry

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While the desire to be and feel healthy is nothing new, consumers now place a greater emphasis on health and wellness due to everything that has happened with COVID-19 over the past year. Because of this, they are increasingly using digital and e-commerce solutions to meet their needs.

Hence, e-commerce businesses are starting to utilize their platform to market everything–from individualized eating plans to immune-boosting supplements to mindfulness techniques. These services give customers the means to keep an eye on, maintain, and take control of their health in an ever-changing and unsettling environment.

When meeting and exceeding these customers’ expectations, businesses in the health and wellness sector must be in e-commerce for accessibility. In this article, we curated some tips to help you succeed in this vast and competitive industry.

5 Strategies To Successful Corporate Wellbeing in Ecommerce

Make Use of Social Proof

Customers are sick of hearing sales pitches about new products. They desire reliability and honesty instead. Customers prefer evidence over promises and results that are assured.

To increase the amount of user-generated content, encourage your customers to submit reviews to foster trust and create emotional relationships. According to research, 84% of consumers place an equal amount of confidence in internet reviews and personal recommendations. They are a reliable source of social proof to confirm your brand’s legitimacy for new and hesitant customers.

Utilize Social Media Platforms To Spread the Word

More customers are discussing their health habits online as the wellness culture spreads. This industry’s customers seek meaningful, personal approaches to achieve their health goals. Health and wellness companies can encourage and inspire their customers to take action using social media.

Because of this mentality, health and wellness brands worldwide are realizing how efficient it is to source user-generated content to reuse on their channels. It is because UGC offers proof of how the items function in real life and is preferred by 55% of consumers to other kinds of promotion.

UGC particularly appeals to millennials. Utilize the trends in influencer marketing and user-generated content to thank your customers for sharing or following your business online. You might give loyalty points for each like, follow, or share.

Customers will be encouraged to produce UGC on your behalf since they will know that they will receive discounts on their preferred health and wellness products in exchange. New customers can make hasty purchases as they assess how your products will fit into their life while your social standing grows.

Create a Community

After using social proof to win over customers to your company, you must focus on fostering community. According to research, 65% of millennial customers choose businesses that share their personal beliefs, so make sure your company core values are something people can get behind.

Decide on your health and wellness specialty first. Several health and wellness niches exist for cross-fit supplements, yoga mats, and essential oils for serenity. Own yours and let your customers know about it.

A loyalty program is a fantastic way to spread the word about your store’s distinctive brand and expand your customer base. By making it a place where your consumers feel like they share a passion or sense of community, you encourage them to engage with it repeatedly.

Develop an Extension for Your Brand

The same principle should apply to your loyalty program since customers select their preferred health and wellness brands based on how their goods make them feel.

Branding your loyalty program to connect emotionally with your customers can turn it into a wellness experience. Create an environment that feels and looks as beautiful as you want your customers to when they use your products.

Promote Advocacy

Your customers will automatically become supporters once you’ve made them feel like they share your purpose. Customers are more likely to recommend a brand to others if they are aware of their love for it.

Word-of-mouth advertising has the potential to be a significant success factor for many health and wellness products. Frequently, it takes another person to recommend a product favorably for others to act.

Utilize your loyalty program to encourage customer advocacy and to thank customers who recommend your business to their friends.

The challenges facing health and wellness businesses in the e-commerce industry

The “wellness generation” is a group of consumers who prefer to spend their money on experiences rather than things, follow the advice of influencers, and enjoy sharing their wellness journeys on social media. The market for health and wellness has grown by 12.8% in the last two years to account for this sudden boom. Although millennials may have been the first to adopt it, customers of all ages are now on board.

Big name brands are starting their health and wellness businesses to serve this expanding market. To compete with these bigger businesses on pricing and logistics, smaller health and wellness retailers are forced to race to the bottom.

This makes it challenging for smaller or less well-known firms to win the trust of new and existing customers due to the many options available to consumers. If a more appealing bargain or deal catches their attention, they will gladly check their loyalty at the door.


Every health product is marketed as a fix for a specific issue. While this is true for other industries, it is more apparent in health because consumers are always conscious of their feelings. It means that to succeed in the eCommerce health sector, it is essential to reach out to the proper clients, address their needs, and offer them the support they need to believe in your products.


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