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7 E-commerce Marketing Secrets That You Can Learn From Big Brands

e-commerce marketing secrets

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Today everybody knows the basics of social media, everybody is aware of the strategies that can be adopted to boost traffic on your website and increase sales. But hardly anybody knows how to execute those strategies, what to keep in mind while formulating plans for the increases in sales, and what specific e-commerce marketing secrets are used by big brands to attract customers to their website.

So, here in this article let’s discuss some e-commerce marketing strategies that big bands use to create a huge impact on the customers.

Here I have taken 7 secrets that you can learn to promote your business online. Using these secrets, you can build a strategy that will help you throughout your digital marketing journey. With these secrets and strategies you will know why these big bands are doing, and how they are promoting their big brand stores. 

With these strategies, you need not scrap your head to find various ways to boost your sales. These e-commerce marketing strategies and secrets will boost your website’s e-commerce business folds without putting in much effort.

#1 Landing page optimization

Page optimization and product optimization first appear on the mobile, tablet, or desktop. It also atomized the hole. Page and listing pages by giving attention to the title and home page. When everything seems natural it increases the chances of getting your website clicked. When the website is easy to navigate it allows the visitors to have a positive experience which in turn increases the conversion rate of the visitors.

The secret to the success of the big bands is that they work so. For much of the presentation, they describe the products so clearly that they know what it is they are offering. A slow website tends to irritate the visitors and ultimately discourage them from buying the products from your website.  According to some researchers, people often abandon the website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load, this increases the bloke rate of the website. Therefore businesses and e-marketers must remove anything that slows their website and affects the speed and experience of their customers.

Before offering the product to the customers, you should know. All the details about the product. The marketer should know all the details about the product and should put effort into defining a little detail that will be helpful for the customer to better understand the product.

#2  Unique content 

Coming up with updated content is the new of the hour, marketers as those who understand the need to come up. With updated content stay a step ahead in the race. These big bands focus so much on creating unique content that they hire an agency that can be shared for such a purpose, Incrementor’s SEO solution is such a place where you can have updated content. 

Keep including keywords within your blog that will help Google understand what your content is about so that it can match it according to the relevant query. When it comes to creating unique content people always come up with some tactics. You need to avoid those tactics as google may penalize your content by suspending your account.

 One of the good practices is to involve keywords in your blogs or One or two in your subheading.

#3 Social media 

Nowadays social media is not just restricted to selling brands, coverage, engagement, and viability but they also create a point of direct sale. In this way, the researchers contribute to this action, according to some researchers people usually trust social sales and get easily convinced to buy the products, through various apps like WhatsApp and Instagram.

Today advertisers are more focusing on mobile users which means that the advertisement for goods and services and now directed to specific mobile users, could increase spontaneous purchase. Social media marketing agencies help marketers to increase their online presence

#4 Include FAQs

The fourth of our e-commerce marketing secrets is to answer all the questions that the customers have regarding the products of the company.  On average, around 90% of the reviews that people post under the products become the deciding factor in making the purchasing decision by the customers. A single negative review from a customer can affect the purchasing decision of many other customers. 

 asked by the customers.

Save the FAQs that are most repeatedly asked, as it becomes easier for the marketers to answer the questions that they feel are genuinely important. 

#5 Avoid long text 

Writing long passages in books or newspapers is difficult for the visitors to keep their attention while reading long texts. This applies especially to mobile users. Writing small and concrete paragraphs with major takeaways allows visitors to have better engagement with the text. 

 So next time make sure to engage in custom by writing short and crisp articles and avoid writing Long blocks or passages on both interior pages and blogs.  Make sure to focus on the quality rather than the quality of writing long just like the books or newspaper. It becomes difficult for the visitors to keep one’s attention while reading a long Text. 

This applies especially to mobile users. Writing small and concrete paragraphs with major takeaways allows visitors to have better engagement with the text. 

Make sure to focus on the quality rather than the quality as quality is something that a Smart customer looks for. 

#6 Add graphics 

Adding graphics to the website makes it more presentable. One of the best and easiest ways to increase the number of visitors is to add multimedia like videos, photos to your website, especially to the home page. It shows greater engagement which helps the customer to showcase your product to their customer.

 There are many ways to do it. Some people prefer traditional black and white websites, while some prefer websites embedded with graphics and videos. But don’t sleep on this e-commerce marketing secret.

#7 Provide a great experience 

Another secret that allows the marketer to stand out from others is to have a website that is easy to navigate. Such websites are easy to handle and offer a great experience to visitors. Once you provide them with a website that allows them to navigate easily it decreases the bouncing date of the visitors. 

So designing a website next time, make sure to add easy titles and Meta tags so that it becomes easy for the customers to find their search.


I am sure that after going through this amazing list of e-commerce marketing secrets you will be taking a few with yourself and implementing them into your business to grow in this online world.

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Note: This was a guest post written by Shiv Gupta

Shiv Gupta started his journey in the digital marketing world at the age of 17. He grabbed deep knowledge of the industry and earned multiple awards. Incrementors was founded by him to provide the best marketing solution to struggling businesses with a goal to help them achieve higher sales and conversions. Incrementors don’t give fluff or “high-level” advice. They just give an insanely actionable plan that works.


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