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9 Smart Ways to Apply Digital Marketing Strategies

digital marketing strategies

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There are many different ways to market your company, business, or brand. What works for one business is not guaranteed to work for another because every company has a unique product, services, and target market. Digital marketing strategies are a trendy way to promote products or services online. The IT marketing field is vast and intriguing. With all of the different marketing opportunities, it’s essential to know which strategies apply specifically to IT support companies and products and which strategies can be used more generally.

Here are nine innovative ways to use digital marketing strategies to help increase sales in your organization.

1. Social media promotion 

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat have billions of users spending hours sharing articles, pictures, and videos on these platforms every day. If you want your brand to reach new customers, you must have a social media campaign in place. 

One way of doing this is by having a “word of mouth” campaign. It is where your existing customers are given a digital coupon or discount code to share with their friends and family. The founders of Soapbox Soaps use this technique to significant effect. 

Companies now will manage all aspects of your social media marketing for an affordable cost, like Social Media Delivered, if you’re looking for an even more holistic approach.

2. Email marketing

Email marketing has been around since the internet was invented, but it’s still one of the most effective ways to market products online. You can easily send out promotional emails to your entire customer list or choose certain groups who might be interested in receiving it (for example, people who have bought items from you before).

Different types of email marketing campaigns you can use to promote your products or services include: send out a series of educational emails that provide valuable tips, content, or advice related to what your business sells. For example, the social media firm Buffer sends weekly emails containing social media advice for small businesses. Or try sending simple reminder emails just before special events are about to take place (for example, an upcoming sale). Hence, customers know they don’t have to miss out on opportunities.

3. Search engine optimization

 SEO is one of the most popular digital marketing strategies available today because it’s so effective at bringing in new customers to your organization for minimal cost compared with other online advertising methods like PPC campaigns. The basic idea behind SEO is that you want your website to be found by as many people as possible.

To help achieve this, you might want to try the following digital marketing strategies: publishing unique content on your blog, social media accounts, or website that is relevant to your brand so search robots will bump up the rankings of your page in their “organic” search results; optimize all online forms and landing pages with keywords (including the title tag), so it appears higher in Google’s search results; create numerous citations for your company (like a Yelp profile) because this also helps raise the shape of your site.

4. Social media contests 

Social media contests are an effective way to spread awareness about what you do quickly and easily. For example, if you sell products online, you could run a promotional campaign where people share photos of themselves using your products on social media sites for a chance to win prizes.

Another idea is to offer incentives like coupons which are only available through social media channels, or discounts that can be redeemed by having your customer follow you on Facebook or Instagram. It will create an exclusive community around your brand and encourage repeat visits from loyal customers.

5. Paid advertisements 

Paid ads are one of the most common digital marketing strategies used today because they can reach so many targeted customers quickly and easily. They tend to have high conversion rates because it’s easier for potential customers to click on ads rather than having to browse your website.

Paid advertisements generally come in two forms: PPC (like AdWords) and social media advertising (where you pay the social network to place an ad directly in front of people).

6. Leverage Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites are the best place to start your digital marketing strategies. Whether you’re using Twitter, Facebook, or Google+, social media is where people are spending most of their internet time now. Therefore, brands must invest in these platforms because customers often look for them first. Your brand will have more engagement opportunities by having a presence on these networks. It means better chances at building relationships with current and potential customers by adding value to their lives. The power of social media cannot be denied because the number of online users keeps growing month by month, thus making social media an ideal platform to engage your target market. What makes social networking even more compelling is that it’s free!

7. Link Your Social Media Sites Together

When it comes to using social media as a digital marketing tool, links are your best friend. You have to remember that building links with your potential customers is one way of telling them about your brand. Therefore, you should always find ways to link your social media sites together for better engagement between brands and audiences. If you’re already active on various social media sites, you know that they each have unique features that make them stand out. By conducting a link exchange between these social networks, content posted by one network will be shared automatically on another, thus amplifying the benefits of cross-promotion.

8. Optimize Your Site For Search Engines

Search engine optimization is still a popular strategy for digital marketers because search engines are used by millions of people every single day! More than 1 out of every two internet users prefer using search engines to find online content. It means that it’s important to optimize your site with keywords that people might use when trying to find sites like yours. You can easily do this by installing an SEO plugin on your WordPress website and conducting keyword research. If you’re not sure how to go about this, hire someone who has experience implementing these strategies.

9. Take Advantage Of Free Tools

The best thing about the internet today is that there are so many free tools out there that could help you promote your business. For instance, platforms like Facebook have free analytics tools that you can use to measure the performance of your social media campaigns. There are also other useful online tools for creating polls and surveys to gather data about your target audience. With all these free tools available, there’s no reason why businesses should invest in expensive tools for doing things that are now possible with social media.

Wrapping Up!

A solid digital marketing strategy is an ongoing process, as with most life. It’s never too late to start implementing these strategies because they’ll help you stay relevant in the online world. It doesn’t matter if you’re a small business owner or the CEO of a billion-dollar company. You can always leverage social media networks to engage brands and audiences better.

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Article Credit: This was a guest post written by Ryan Wilson


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