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What does it take to build traffic to your eCommerce store through blogging?

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Having the right product for your business is very important, but what’s the point of selling an excellent product if no one comes to your store to buy it? The same is the case for eCommerce websites, where having a good product at a good price is one thing, but without website traffic, how do you sell your products?

Businesses use many different strategies to drive customers to their stores. The same is the case for eCommerce websites, with businesses using many different techniques and marketing strategies to increase traffic on their websites. Blogging is a very popular option for businesses looking to increase traffic to their eCommerce stores. To understand the importance of blogging in driving traffic towards your eCommerce website, we must look at what purpose blogs serve and how they are used. It’s also important to examine why blogs are so impactful in marketing an eCommerce website.

In this post, we look at everything you need to know about the role of blogs in driving up eCommerce website traffic and how you can implement them.

Why are blogs so impactful in driving up website traffic?

Blogs have been around for a long time, as they allow people to share their opinions or knowledge on a topic on the internet. Blogs are generally written in an informal manner and aim to attract people towards a conversation or topic. Since social media became mainstream, personal blogs have dropped in popularity, but that doesn’t mean that blogs have entirely died. Nowadays, most blog posts have gone from writer centric to reader-centric. This just means that blogs have become a source of information or a guide for the reader rather than a personal experience piece of the writer. 

The reader-centric blogs are used for content marketing, and they focus on helping the reader with their questions and problems and answering them. So for example, if you go looking for fashion advice online, more often than not, you will find yourself reading a blog post for the information you want. These types of blogs present an excellent opportunity for websites to drive up their traffic; this includes eCommerce websites. You can either increase traffic to your website by having the blog be a part of the website, or by using a blog that can send the user to your website.

Having a blog on your website

A blog section on a website has become a popular option for many websites looking to sell products or services. The main goal of having the blog on your website is to boost traffic to your website, so people become familiar with your website.

Boosting SEO

A big part of having blogs on your website is the SEO factor. SEO refers to search engine optimization and is concerned with having your website appear more frequently in search engine results. Blogs play a big part in this as they allow a website to be better optimized and more visible on search engines.

The primary way in which this is done is through keywords and phrases. Blog posts written for SEO aim to incorporate keywords that are very common searches on search engines like google. Creating good and valuable blog posts requires you to include the keywords in your posts with relevant details and information regarding that keyword. 

Blog posts relevant to what you sell

The blog posts that you have on your website should be relevant to what you sell on your website or what your website is about. If you have an eCommerce website that sells clothes, you want blog posts that in some way relate to clothes. You want to bring people to your website, but avoid using clickbait titles.

Blogs can create long term benefits.

The blogs you write and post today will be there for a very long time and will receive visitors anytime someone clicks on them. This means that a simple blog post can be relevant for a very long time and be of use to you. 

Not only that, but if readers trust the blog on your website, it can help create a very long lasting and trusting relationship between you and the readers. The ultimate aim of your blog is to generate more traffic, and good content can serve you good for a very long time.

Using external blogs to generate traffic

Other than having a blog on your website, you can also generate traffic towards your website by either creating blog posts for other websites or sharing your blogs on platforms such as social media.

Using other blogs

It’s not uncommon for certain websites to post on another website’s blog as a guest writer. Writing as a guest writer or posting a blog on another website can be very beneficial for your own website. If you provide the guest website with valuable content, they might allow you to post guest content that can link back to your own website. Valuable links from websites that have a good domain are very beneficial in improving your SEO.

Websites with a higher domain authority will be harder to write for, but if you can convince them that you can provide valuable content, it will do wonders for your website. A good backlink from a trusted website with good domain authority is more valuable than hundreds of links from weak websites.

Role of social media in helping your blogs

Social media has become very popular for digital marketing, and while you can’t really post long blogs on social media, you can either link to a full blog or your website. By shortening your blog to focus on the main points, you can post it on social media and provide a link that leads to your entire blog post. This is becoming an increasingly popular way for websites to showcase their blogs because social media, for many people is their primary source of information.

Social media allows you to showcase the main points of your blog very easily, so it’s best to focus on what you think people would want to read. If people are interested, they will click the link, and that generates traffic to your website for you.

Importance of social media marketing

To properly make use of social media to promote your blog and generate traffic, you need your social media account or accounts to have a good following. This means that the accounts you use across various social media platforms need to have people following them so they can see the content you post.

Nowadays, to create a successful eCommerce website, similar to having a blog, having an excellent social media presence is also very important. Creating a social media marketing strategy is crucial in appealing to a broader audience. Search engines like Google still remain very popular, but search features on social media sites have become the primary source of information for a lot of people, especially the younger generation. 

Developing your own social media marketing strategy

There’s a lot that goes into developing a social media marketing strategy, but your main goal is to create good and optimized content, so it is more visible to other users. Similar to how you want to generate clicks on your websites, you want more and more people to view your posts and videos.

Nowadays, with the help of the internet, many different online services can help you increase your social media following. There are many options, from services that help you create and manage social media accounts to social boosting services that let you buy views on your social media videos.

Please note: this is a guest post written by Ryan Wilson.


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