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My name is Charlie Camisasca. I’m the owner of Boardroom – a data analytics application and one of the best free online learning platforms for e-commerce entrepreneurs.

I created this website over a year ago to start documenting everything I had learned from running my e-commerce brands. It started as an attempt to help me organize my thoughts and clarify my processes, but it’s grown into something a little bigger now. I’m thrilled to say that the Boardroom community is made up of over 1200 entrepreneurs that are actively engaged in e-commerce. We would love it if you joined us. Click here to subscribe. 

Meet the Team

Alex Yefremov

Full-stack developer.

Jason Hishmeh

CTO & entrepreneur.

Charlie Camisasca

Charlie Camisasca

Founder & e-commerce brand-owner.

“Why do you have a full-stack developer?”

Good question. We’re making a killer e-commerce app. Learn more here.

Stuff you can do on this website


The Boardroom blog is packed with e-commerce and digital marketing best practices – written by experts for ecommerce businesses at every stage of the journey. Become informed about Amazon FBA, dropshipping with Shopify, sales funnels, and the most cutting edge digital marketing tactics that are working right now to drive traffic and boost conversions. Read more on the blog.

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We offer templates, reports, checklists, infographics, and more that you can instantly download from our site. Think of these like little “shortcuts” or “hacks” for e-commerce business growth.

Get Inspired

We regularly interview e-commerce business owners like you and publish case studies that are designed to showcase the way that others have “walked the walk.” Who knows? Maybe we’ll write a profile about you next.

Manage Your Data

The most important thing my team is working on right now is our data analytics and business intelligence application, Boardroom. It will completely change the way you think about and manage your e-comm business. If you want early access to our software and crazily discounted pricing (like, $1-per-month-crazy), you can apply through this link.

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