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7 Proven Ways to Generate Leads Through Email Marketing

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Email marketing is one of the best ways to ensure lead generation for your business. Finding a way to generate leads that will work for your company can be a bit trickier than you anticipated.

When it comes to email marketing, you’ve got to think about the strategy and approach that you use. This could be the difference between generating leads or not.

Below are some ways to put your email marketing software to good use and start getting the leads you’ve been looking for.

1. Restructure Email Content

We understand that you want to pack in as much useful information as possible when you’re sending emails. The issue with doing this is it can become overwhelming and lose the interest of those that are reading it quickly.

With people being on the move frequently throughout the day, they don’t have time to read longer emails. For this reason, we recommend that you restructure the way you send emails so that you only send information that is direct and to the point.

Even though you’re more direct as far as content is concerned, make sure to keep things interesting. This will help you provide more value in your emails than you ever have before.

2. Update Your Email List

Sending emails to people that are no longer active participants of your email list has happened to companies time and time again. Another important aspect of generating leads is taking the time to update and clean up your email list.

Having more people on your list that are active and responsive to your emails will increase the number of leads that you can turn into paying customers. If you don’t have the time to clean your email list yourself, you can always outsource to a company that takes care of this for you.

3. Use Catchy Subject Lines

When potential customers are scrolling through their emails, they are more likely to click on ones that pique their interest. The best way to catch potential customers’ attention is to come up with interesting and catchy subject titles.

The subject title is the first step to getting the customer a step closer to opening the email and reading through the information you’ve offered them. If your subject title is boring, it sets the precedence for what your potential customer assumes they will read once they’ve opened the email.

4. No-Reply Emails Are a No-Go

We understand that you use no-reply emails as a way to send out information or remind potential customers about things like appointments or sales that your company might be having. There are too many fraudulent emails out there for your company to add to the number of no-reply emails customers receive.

Typically, when you send a no-reply email, there is information that it contains that someone might have questions about. If they have to look for the email or correct contact information to get the answers their looking for, it might deter them from becoming a paying customer.

5. Create a Strong CTA

The call to action that you use at the end of your emails is essential. The call to action is how you’re going to get customers to move from reading your email to purchasing the products and services that your company offers.

There are tons of ways to rework your call to action to motivate customers to take the next step. Without a call to action, people might become confused about what you want them to do next.

This will lead to them closing the email and moving on without giving it a second thought.

6. Upgrade Your Tools

The way that the email platform looks is constantly evolving and being updated. When you’re given the opportunity to upgrade the tools that you’re using, upgrade them.

The tools can help you sort emails in a way that’s easier to respond to them, and it can also help you clean your email list without going through various hoops and hurdles to achieve this.

7. Link Social Media Accounts

People spend a lot of their time surfing through social media accounts, liking pictures, and sharing content. At the end of each email that you send out, in addition to the call to action, you need to link to your social media profiles.

Potential customers are interested in seeing how you interact with your target audience and keeping your social media channels updated. Customer engagement is becoming a huge part of the overall digital experience.

Your social media should share information that potential customers need to know while at the same time being interesting and engaging. Remember you’re sharing content that people will want to click on and share with others. We recommend creating a content calendar that allows you to keep track of what to post and when to post it.

Know How to Generate Leads for Email Marketing

Email marketing is here to stay and won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. When using email marketing, it’s essential to use some of the tips we’ve mentioned to increase the number of leads you generate from your email marketing campaign.

You need to create a strong call to action to use at the end of emails and take the time to upgrade your email tools every so often. If you’re looking for a company to help you generate the leads you’re looking for, contact Boardroom.

We know what we’re doing and have the expertise that you need on your side.


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