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Content Marketing and E-commerce: 7 Proven Tips To Boost Your Business on Amazon

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The e-commerce world is a highly competitive environment. With thousands of online competitors vying for the same markets, getting your product visible can be challenging. Fortunately, there is a strategy that can get you ahead of the competition: Content Marketing. Content marketing is a good lead generation strategy for online business since the content on display is usually very enticing. It could showcase your brand or product as potential customers read or watch through your material.

Here are seven proven tips to kickstart your Amazon sales.

7 Proven Tips To Boost Your Amazon Business

Amazon sellers are always looking to increase sales. Below are a few best practices to generate leads that will eventually generate sales.

Generate Leads Through Email Marketing

Email lead generation is the most common form of direct marketing for digital. More customers can see your brand and your products if you send them emails directly.

A good email lead generation strategy provides a sign up button on a product detail page or after a blog, so you can get their information. If your content is interesting, there is no doubt they will sign up.

Make a great subject line when sending out emails through email automation). Interesting subject lines are one of the best ways to get your lead interested in your email content and, eventually, what you will sell.

Start A Blog

Starting a blog is key to obtaining a steady stream of leads as an Amazon seller. Through blogs, you can showcase your brand by answering questions from potential customers by appearing in their search results.

Search engine optimization makes great lead magnets. You can create valuable content through proper SEO that can get you more leads and, in turn, more sales. Aside from SEO, ensure that you write blogs with benefit-driven content so you can help more customers with their queries.

Make Use of Amazon PPC Campaigns

Amazon allows all sellers to advertise their products on the e-commerce platform using a pay-per-click model for slots.

Amazon PPC campaigns are some of the best ways to advertise your product since the product detail page can appear on the same page as a user’s search results. You can also use sponsored brands, a type of Amazon ad, to create brand awareness.

Optimize Your Content (or Hire An Amazon SEO Consultant)

Sometimes, even if they see it in an ad, the audience’s biggest challenge is being interested in your product. Optimizing your content can get their foot in the door. Specifically, content optimization looks to solve the following:

  • Appear on search results
  • Get your readers’ attention with clean, benefit-driven copy

Optimizing content does not just mean putting in the right keywords. You will also have to write and edit clean product descriptions, use eye-catching professional-quality images, and include a brand logo. This is great for small businesses looking to further advertise their brand.

If you are having trouble optimizing your content, maybe it is time you hire Amazon SEO consultants. Amazon SEO consultants are experts in optimizing your products for Amazon. You will worry less about your content and more about meeting the demand for each item sold.

Make Attractive Landing Pages

One proven way to drive up conversion rates is to give viewers a great pre- and post-click experience. Make eye-catching ads or graphics that will encourage more customers to click on them, and then make attractive landing pages that will invite users to stay.

Find Your Niche

Selling on Amazon is difficult because of the volume of competition in the e-commerce platform. So, you will have to narrow down your market to escape the competition and increase the chances of finding new customers.

A good way to target potential leads is to find your niche. A niche is a specific or segmented area of a market. Finding your business a niche market to thrive in could boost your sales since there is less competition.

Make Great Content

Lastly, make great content. It is one of the defining lessons of this article: selling is only the beginning; make content that can help your customers and invite them to trust your brand.

What Is Amazon FBA?

Amazon FBA, which stands for fulfillment by Amazon, is an online e-commerce model wherein third-party sellers on Amazon simply sell products and allow Amazon to manage handling, storage, shipping, and returns. 

Amazon FBA is a great way to broaden your market and boost sales since all a seller should worry about is paying the storage fees, shipping fees, inventory management, and how to handle customer service.

Amazon FBA Guide

Amazon FBA is a great opportunity for Amazon sellers who want to broaden their market through Amazon fulfillment. Here is fulfillment by Amazon broken down into three stages.

  1. To enroll in Amazon FBA, open your Amazon seller central account and set up FBA.
  2. Make product listings on Amazon and specify the inventory as FBA. This way, your products will only be in stock if you have sent them to an Amazon fulfillment center, ensuring you meet all your product’s demands.
  3. Once you have organized your product listings, it is time to send out your wares to a nearby Amazon fulfillment center. From there, Amazon ships, stores, and manages all returns for your business. You will have to manage inbound shipping for your products to the Amazon warehouse, but Amazon will handle the rest once they get there.

Is Amazon FBA Free?

No. You will have to pay a premium to make logistics easier through Amazon FBA. Amazon does not ask for payment upfront. Instead, you pay a percentage of your product’s selling price.

Here are the fees associated with Amazon FBA.

  • Fulfillment Fees
  • Standard Seller Fees
  • Inventory Storage Fees
  • International Shipping Fees

From your product’s selling price, Amazon takes 15% to 18% as selling fees for Amazon FBA.

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